Topshop Picks


My favourite high street shop had my attention waning over Christmas, but their new in pieces for Spring have reignited my love. There's some lovely pastels and excellent sportswear inspired pieces, as well as a beautiful white crepe shirt dress that I have to buy for my New York jaunt. Plus, let's be honest, who doesn't love a good quilted backpack? What's got your eye?

Loes x

Sporty Skriver


Danish beauty Josephine Skriver and Malte Lund Madsen shoulder the season's best sportswear inspired pieces for 'Gym Daze', shot by Emma Tempest for Dansk SS 2012. Looks worn include Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane and Prada. Don't you just thing the styling on this is brilliant?

Stylist: Sam Ranger / Hair: Halley Brisker / Make-Up: Lotten Holmqvist










Source: http://fashiongonerogue.com/josephine-skriver-emma-tempest-dansk-ss-2012/

How To Get Street Style Snapped at Fall 2012

Every time fashion season rolls around, we're all excited to see what the fashion set wears to the runway shows. Street Style photographers and bloggers have hit the big time over the past few years, but who gets photographed and why? Turns out there's a pattern. So if you wanted to get (hypothetically) photographed at Fall 2012 (I don't know, some of you might be heading to Paree), here's a few hints to help you on your way.

1. Have your mobile in your hand. You don't need to be texting/tweeting/facebooking or anything else of the sort; all you need to do is pretend. You'll look busy and important (which you are), and the camera parade will adore it. An iPhone is preferable, but the odd Blackberry does appear.




2. Wear colour. You'll stand out from the crowd, and even with your best model pout on, it'll make you look happier than the rest of the fashion set. Colour blocking is a wise tactic; orange and blue and purple and red and yellow and everything else can all work together. In most situations I wouldn't recommend a head to toe green suit, but at fashion week you can just go crazy with it.





3. Invest in some headgear. Most of these fashion cities are chilly in February and March, so a beanie hat will keep your ears toastie. If you choose a beanie I suggest wearing it with a partial smile, because let's face it, the girl in the first picture is just cute. If you wear a black accessory, stand near a coloured wall; it'll look better. And if you don't mind looking overly religious, having a hat obscuring the majority of your vision and extending halfway down your spine, then Balenciaga's hats are sure to get attention.





4. Don't use the sleeves on your outerwear. Or do, and wear another piece over the top (also this will be extra cosy). You'll run the risk of it falling off every ten minutes, and you'll be forced to hold it together (impairing phone holding ability), but let's face it, outerwear wasn't made with the intention of being worn properly.





5. Become a model. Admittedly this is tougher than getting yourself an iPhone or wearing a hat, but it's a sure fire way to get the lens attention. Bonus street style points if you are wearing a hat (mentioned above), eating an ice cream, on the phone, in Givenchy, or if you just are Hanne Gaby Odiele, queen of Model Street Style.





6. Be Anna Dello Russo (note the hats) or Miroslava Duma; if this situation arises then it's game over and you have won. Wherever you go, even if you're in brown dungarees or halfway in a car, you will be photographed. And everyone will love it.







7. Style yourself to perfection. If anyone think's that Proenza Schouler's Spring 2010's prints weren't perfect, then they don't deserve to be photographed at all. Pair it with a navy vest, industrial scale jewellery, handheld sunglasses and your snazzy runway show invitation.


Also you could try socks with shoes, comfy and Grandad-chic...


...wear the hairest blue you can find, pair it with icy leather, and then stand next to a wall of identical hue...


...don't use a bag that fits the things you need it, just use one that looks pretty as punch.


Good luck dressing for the streets.

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Oscar Time


Octavia Spencer in Tadash Shoji / Mila Jovovich in Elie Saab


Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli Couture / Leslie Mann in Roberto Cavalli


Glenn Close in Zac Posen / Berenice Bejo in Elie Saab

So these are my favourites dresses from last night's Oscar festivities. There were a lot that could've potentially hit the mark big time (ROONEY WHY DID YOU NOT GET THAT GIVENCHY FITTED?!?!) but these were my besties.
Octavia Spencer has been dressing well this whole award season as far as I'm concerned, especially as a 'bigger woman' as she is constantly referred to. She looked beautiful and that dress was mesmerising.
Props to Emma Stone for daring to wear red with her hair colour; I thought she looked beautiful, and my friend's point that the bow looked stupid was quashed by my argument that 'it was Giambattista Valli Couture and therefore it was perfect'. I win, right?
Leslie Mann scored big points for wearing my one of my favourite red carpet colours, and the beading on the dress was lovely - I thought it was an excellent Oscar choice.
Glenn Close absolutely hit the mark in her Zac Posen number - there was a lot of talk about 'dressing for her age', which I hated as age doesn't mean you can't look nice. There was a lot of green around on the red carpet last night (points also to Maria Menounos for her beautiful forest green gown, and Missi Pyle for her eye-popping Valentino Delfino dress), but for me Glenn won the race.
And lastly, the Elie Saab gowns. In my mind Elie Saab is just perfect in every way and I love every dress he makes, but these two were particularly good. Mila's was bright, sparkly and glamorous in every way, whilst Berenice's was the definition of understated elegance. Thumbs up all round.

Also Gwennie's Tom Ford number was stunning but the cape was a no no. Jessica Chastain finally wore something I loved - McQueen. Stacey Keibler wore a lovely gold Marchesa dress which didn't get the greatest reaction, but I thought she looked out of this world. I adored Angelina's Versace Atelier gown but her pose was just too irritating to post. Again on the age appropriate topic, I think Shailene Woodley looked amazing in that Valentino Couture dress, and I'm sure if she'd have gone for an Angelinaesque piece they would've said it was 'too old' for her.



And then at the Vanity Fair party three of my red carpet favourites (plus Cammy D) went and pulled it out of the bag.
Diane Kruger looked picture perfect in Calvin Klein Collection, and added to all the red dresses worn (which is always a good thing).
Zoe Saldana stole my heart by wearing London favourite Marios Schwab.
Kate Bosworth was stunning in New York favourite Prabal Gurung (I actually hoped someone would wear this when I saw the show), and her and Michael Polish just looked so damn cute.
And lastly Cameron Diaz in her controversial orange Victoria Beckham dress. I happen to like a pop of orange now and then so this was a nice surprise. Despite looking a little strange in dresses these days with those arms, she pulled it of. Dare I say that she looked better than VB herself?

Who were your favourites on the Oscar Red Carpet?

Loes x

Street Sports




There's been some sportswear about on the Street Style scene this fall...especially those Isabel Marant sneakers that are everywhere. I'm enjoying the baseball caps a lot, especially the two above. Get the look below...


1. Alexander Wang Marion Bag - £529 from farfetch.com
2. Topshop Knitted Wet Look Sport Vest - £26 from Topshop
3. Jason Wu Varsity Wool Sweater - £950 from net-a-porter.com
4. Topshop Silk Runner Shorts - £32 from Topshop
5. Etoile Isabel Marant Cotton Jersey Track Pants - £185 from net-a-porter.com
6. Alexander Wang Patchwork Chloe Sandals - £330 from lagarconne.com
7. Isabel Marant Sneaker - $660 from net-a-poert
8. Givenchy Python Duffle Bag - £2,040 from ssense.com


Simons' Swansong


Jil Sander has had a turbulent relationship with fashion. She first left her label in 2000 after clashing with Prada owner Patrizio Bertelli, to whom she had sold the Jil Sander house. She was encouraged back in 2003 after a short stint from Milan Vumirovic, but she left again. And in stepped Raf Simons.

Simons has achieved a lot in his seven years at Sander. Not only was he barely experienced in womenswear before his appointment as creative director, but he transformed the house. His couture trilogy made Jil Sander a benchmark of simple dressing and Simons made a name for himself as one of the most exciting names to watch. But this collection was easily his best. As always there was a beautiful simplicity to his clothes; the colour palette was soft and pretty and the lines were calm. The models moved slowly, allowing us to absorb the roomy collarless coats in pale pink, navy blue and blush cream, some held by the hand, others swinging open, implying that things not held together will fall apart. Bustier dresses in soft cashmere, leather and PVC had space to move at the hips, and sleeveless dresses in cream and nude were the perfect ice cream accompaniment. There were flashes of nostalgia, harking back to Simons’ defining moments at the house; the bubblegum pink dress couldn’t help but evoke the memory of Spring 2011’s maxi skirt parade, and the metallic pieces were parallel to those of Spring 2007. Style.com’s Tim Blanks noted that chaos had been introduced into the perfect world of Jil Sander; ironic that Simons’ perfect forms were splintered by flashes of material or colour – his dream world is no longer. But the clothes felt like they came from the real Simons and they were a hauntingly beautiful swansong.

There have been whispers around the Dior job all season. With Simons leaving Jil Sander and rumours of Stefano Pilati making the move from YSL to Dior, we may well see Simons taking up residence at YSL. It will be interesting to see how he works at a new label, but for this moment, Jil Sander was his. As the collection took flight in its entirety there was a standing ovation, led by none other than Anna Wintour. And as a tearful Simons took his final bow, one couldn’t help but pray for Jil Sander. Rightful owner though she is, she’s going to need a real slice of magic to follow on from Simons’ genius.