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A few weeks ago I attended the Ted Baker AW13 in London as a Community Correspondent for Polyvore, which I previously blogged about. Here are just a few Instagram snaps I took of what happened at the show.




This post is long overdue (this happened back in May!), but I couldn't go any longer without making a post about the amazing day I had at Net-A-Porter with Polyvore. 

It was really exciting to get the invite and the itinerary for the day, especially when I found out that we would be having designer clinics with Erdem and Nicholas Kirkwood! I arrived at the Ampersand Hotel bright and early to meet the other Polyvore members (who were amazing) and the Polyvore staff (equally amazing) who had flown in all the way from California for the event. We were taken to the Net-A-Porter offices by the super swanky chauffeur service Uber. When we got there were were firstly given a tour of the offices. No pictures were allowed (and so I can't show you unfortunately) but the offices were stunning. One side housed Net-A-Porter; a vast open plan space with high windows and chandeliers, rows and rows of desks and seating areas, all overlooked by a huge glass boardroom. Our tour guide explained to us that they wanted to have the feeling of openness throughout their offices and business. 


We began with our goodie bags which had lots of lovely treats in, including a gift card to spend on the Net-A-Porter website! 


Then breakfast! 


Next we had three talks from the directors of Buying, PR and Fashion (Gabrielle Hackworthy, above). These talks were really interesting and gave us an insight into how the business is run. Gabrielle talked us through the launch of Net-A-Porter's new magazine 'The Edit' and talked about how the magazine had been conceived and developed. She showed us moodboards that were created for the shoots and showed us how the magazine was interactive so that people could click and buy items straight from the pages.

Cute little fashion cookies!

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We then had a designer clinic with Canadian designer Erdem who was really funny and sweet. He talked us through the creative process of designing and showed us pieces from his current collection. The dresses were beautiful and it was really interesting to hear about his inspirations and ideas! 

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Lastly we had a designer clinic with footwear designer Nicholas Kirkwood and his team. They bought along lots of shoes to show us and they were all to die for, especially the chain ankle one above! Nicolas and his partner were really insightful and honest and talked a lot about the issues that they have often faced. We learned about the Kirkwood 'woman' and about new and innovative ideas that are being pioneered by Nicholas at the moment. 

The day was such an enjoyable one; I loved meeting the other Polyvore members and the Polyvore staff and getting to know them and it was amazing to see the offices and meet the people who work for Net-A-Porter. Huge thank you to both Net-A-Porter and Polyvore for the experience!! 



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Last Thursday I attended my Graduation! Over three years at University I have made the most amazing friends and done things I never thought I would do. I will look back on my time there with the fondest of memories and can honestly say I have had the time of my life. I'm a graduate baby!



Ted Baker AW13

On Wednesday I attended the Ted Baker AW13 show as a community correspondent for Polyvore! The show took place at the Farmiloe Building in London which was an amazing space; open, airy and full of eye catching features. The backdrop read 'Ted Baker: take the scenic route' which set the theme of the show: travel. The decor included lots of suitcases and signs to make it feel like we were in an old train station. 

The clothes were beautiful; men in swathes of workwear, reading papers and drinking coffee, women in a set of rainbow outerwear which would brighten up any winter day. A parade of two-piece female suits in various prints were accompanied by conductors hats, sexing up the idea of train attendants. The show culminated in a romantic cacophony of evening dresses, embellishment, sharp jackets and polished heels, all to the acoustic sounds of 'Let Me Love You'. Ted, we do.




Hello lovely readers! Sorry for my absence but things have been hectic lately. I've finally finished uni and moved home (mixture of 'yay' and 'boo' here) which means that the horrible time has come: I have to find a job. But I'm excited to start the next chapter, especially if I get a job I like. Anyone looking for a newbie fashion merchandiser/marketer/social media/pr person, I'm here and free!

My friends from uni are also job hunting and one had an interview panic: What To Wear?! I haven't been to an interview in quite a while having always had a summer job at the same place, but it got me to thinking what I would wear. I refuse to go to a job interview wearing a black trouser suit. It has to be formal of course, but I think colours are positive signs in interviews. And as I'm applying for fashion-y jobs it's important to show you have some style!

So this is what I came up with as my ideal interview outfit (job depending of course). The earrings and bag add a little colour, whilst the white blazer would mean I was wearing the key part of my outfits - lots and lots of white. I saw this top on Opening Ceremony's Moda Operandi trunk sale and I love the detail on it. What would you wear to an interview?

Blazer by Chloé, Top by Opening Ceremony, Skirt by Topshop, Earrings & Rings by Zara, PS11 by Proenza Schouler, Pumps by Valentino.

Callie by loeswhite featuring shell jewelry